The family Kalfidi already counts three generations in the "Jewelry".
Founder John Kalfidis, a Greek businessman from Istanbul in 1940 moved to Thessaloniki, start the company and pass to his children's the love for jewelry.
Michael Kalfidis, Civil Engineering, founded in 1991 the company "KOSMIO" which deals specifically with the design and manufacture of high quality handmade jewelery. Only valuable materials, gold and silver, precious and semi-precious stones. Standing is the new search techniques, while the special design often open roads throughout the Greek Goldsmith.
Many of the copies of ancient silver jewelry sold in Greek museums is products from the company. Participation in trade fairs abroad and many international collaborations. The important distinctions within and outside Greece.
Since the beginning Sofia worked together full of artistic concerns, with special options in jewels, with proposals for representation of other major European brands, the character at all stores KALFIDIS personal & precious.


The new generation is gradually to the operation, Akanthos studied tourism businesses in London and John in the architecture of Vienna, they add their own perspective on the future.
The company has its central facility in Panorama Thessaloniki where the workshop production. In 2004 opened on the same site in the first Panorama Showroom for retail of jewelery and in 2010 opened shop in Sani, Halkidiki. Next opened the shop in downtown Thssaloniki in2014.